A safety median strip George St Windsor, Hawkesbury NSW before someone is killed !

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Recently a new service station and McDonalds have been built in the Hawkesbury area. With the increase in expected traffic the RMS have done major upgrade works to the roundabout ( still not finished 100% ) on the corner of George Street and Blacktown Road at Windsor.

Unfortunately some people, in fact a large number of people, can't seem to read the 'No Right Turn' sign into the driveway NOR read the 'Left Only' turning sign coming out of the McDonalds drive thorough exit onto George Street. 

I have grave concerns now daily for the young children who are trying to cross across the 3 lanes of chaotic traffic not to mention the amount of potential misses and T-bone accidents I witness at least twice a day. 

I've been in contact with Susan Templeton, a Hawkesbury Councillor and also Dominic Perretot however they both say it's a RMS issue that they have forwarded to the relevant people. I am strongly suggesting a short length median strip be installed from near the roundabout up past the McDonalds exiting driveway to stop cars heading south from turning right into the service station and also to stop cars turning right out of there.

Once we have a good number of signatures, pressure will be put on both Hawkesbury Council - the Hon. Dominic Perretot MP Minister for Industrial Relations and the RMS - the Hon. Melinda Pavey MP, Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight to address this issue. This is now on public record should the event of a serious accident or death occur, the liability finger will be clearly and strongly pointed to both the above mentioned departments and persons.  

Please sign the petition people and let's get this dangerous traffic matter sorted once and for all before there is a fatality here.