We, the undersigned residents of Iver Parish, call upon our Member of Parliament to actively reject the proposal by the Airports Commission to allow Heathrow Airport an additional runway.

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Dominic Grieve Response to petition

The RPRA Committee met with Dominic Grieve, our MP, on December 10 and presented him with our petition on Heathrow expansion.  His response was that whilst he accepted that the environmental conditions relating to pollution and noise must be addressed, his view was that Heathrow expansion as opposed to Gatwick was preferable not only in terms of national economic benefit but also local.  In respect of the latter his view was that Heathrow expansion would result in considerable inward investment in our area that should lead to improvements in the area that would be to our benefit.  He also expressed the same views when answering questions on Radio 4’s Any Questions on December 11th.

Richings Park Residents Association
6 years ago