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Domestic Violence abusers don't deserve custody rights

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To Whom it may concern,

             Hello,my name is Dominique Tindal. I recently lost custody of my child  to my domestic violence abuser, at Hudson county court in Jersey City, New Jersey.  A judge by the name of Kimberly Esplanades Maloney has ruled out of my favor, and ruined my life. When my case first started I had the physical custody along with my restraining order granted to me by Judge Breland. He gave my ex unsupervised visits, and me possession of the household. I got a letter saying me and my daughter would be evicted, because the landlord informed me that me and her were not on the lease that her father made when we moved there.

              They refused to add us to the lease,so to prevent being in the shelter I sought relocation through the court. I didn't want to just leave,and be at risk of kidnapping accusations by my ex. I got to the courthouse only to see that my judge had been changed. She denied me relocation numerous times when I applied. Even when I gave her addresses and information. As a result me and my daughter ended up in the shelter against our will. 

          For the record, you should know Jersey city denied me Legal Aid representation, so I had started a GO FUND ME to raise money for a private attorney. However I didn't hit my goal of $3,000. Jersey city also denied me any domestic violence services or advocate for my case. So on March 24,2016 I lost custody of my daughter to false accusations Aka "hearsay" that I had a mental illness, and was not financially stable enough to care for my daughter. Judge Kimberly, did not request any medical documents or proof from my ex and his lawyer on these claims as she should have. My daughter was allowed to return to NYC with her father. I was immediately thrown out of the shelter, alone and afraid I tried to go back to work staying with various friends and family. Loosing income because I was being scheduled to come into court so much the job would let me go because it was if I wasn't available to work. Because of this I have been nomadic. I'm a healthy individual that is not crazy and is able to work. Prior to this I held my own apartment in NYCHA for 5 years. 

            I'm hoping to save up and move into another place. I don't really want to stay in NYC because I'm afraid and I can't afford the rent costs. I have a clean background and a plac from the Harlem children's zone parenting classes in NYC. My ex is a foriegner lacking appropiate Visas  to live in this country and he owes NYS over $7,000 in unpaid child support. I barley have any contact with my daughter and if I do it is always on a supervised basis. My ex uses my family and friends to sabotage and manipulate me to make things worst.

        Anyone who knows me personally knows that I always took good care of my daughter and had her best interest at heart.I feel my rights as a domestic violence victim, and a mother have been completely violated. The Family court system is now corrupt and fraudulent.I believe domestic violent abusers should not have custody rights at all. If they have enough hate in their heart to deliberately abuse their partner, they are showing children abuse is ok.

             9 times out of ten raise them to hate the other parent . This is the characteristics of a narcissist. I don't understand why the family courts system are giving rights to abusers, knowing that its very dangerous, and the most vulnerable thing to do. Allowing them to have custody, making innocent children their pawn to control the other parent. Many children end up getting the harsh end of the rope when the system allows abusive partners to have a say in their child's life. This makes it hard for domestic violence victims like myself able to relocate to a safe haven when the courts give them rights to go against that. It's basically like saying as long as we have a child together, you must stay near me. I miss my daughter she is distressed from the situation I can see it in her eyes she's not happy.

I need your help and support.  My plan is to create a grassroots campaign to get this issue to go viral.  Not just for me, but for all women and children. I think a better solution to all of this is making the violent abuser seek help. Intense therapy sessions, and a drug problem program. Parenting classes too. That right should be earned not given. Victims should be able to decide if they want to allow visitation and it should be supervised to ensure that the children are safe. Viictims rights  and their children need to be protected.  With that being said I also ask the court or the bar of NJ to take Judge Kimberly Espondes Maloney off the bench, and that a law is in place to stop this devastation here and around the country.

Thank you,

Dominique L. Tindal

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