Help Raven and our Pups return Home.

Help Raven and our Pups return Home.

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Jaja Thiboudois started this petition to Domestic Animal Services

My name is Marie, I am a mother of three children and a Canberran resident. My dog, Raven and her 8 puppies have been seized by the ACT Government and held for almost 6 weeks without grounds and I am losing hope that they will ever be returned to me or that my family’s rights will ever be fairly heard.  

Raven is a beautiful malamute dog who is a huge part of my and my three daughters lives. She is the centre of our household and is very well cared for. Raven had an accidental litter of pups on Australia Day this year. We did not know that she had been in season and they came as a very happy surprise for our family.  

The day after she gave birth my partner called DAS and told them what happened as we were unsure what we were going to do next. DAS told us that it was not illegal to have the puppies we just couldn’t sell them without a breeders license (which did not concern us as we were going to find them homes with family and friends).   

Being first time puppy grandparents we took the puppies to the vet and they received a clean bill of health. The vet described our dogs as being “very well cared for.”  

When the puppies were 6 weeks old, I checked on them before heading for a shower, after getting dressed I went to check on them again and they were GONE! I was devastated thinking someone stole my dogs. I called all the vets and checked with my neighbours and went all around my neighbourhood.  

I later found out the neighbours who shared my fence called DAS to pick them up “stating the dogs got into their yard”. I speculate that these neighbours lured the dogs so they could have them taken away as the have previously put out poisonous bates and killed my other neighbours pets as they don’t like animals.  

I drove straight to DAS and they informed my partner and I that have seized my dogs as they were on private property. They told us that the dogs were in good health and that there were no welfare issues apparent.  

Since this time, DAS have been incredibly hostile to us. I have been trying to be patient with DAS and followed their requirements for property inspections etc. DAS on the other hand have refused to answer our questions, have not told us what right they have to hold our dogs (we can see a right under legislation to issue a fine, but no right to hold our dogs indefinitely, especially since we have not attempted to sell the puppies), have told us that we are not ‘responsible’ dog owners (without any justification for such) and have failed to reach a determination within the (very long) 28 day period afforded to them under legislation. I believe that they are now in breach of their legislative powers and that Raven and the puppies must be returned to us.  

Additionally DAS will not answer my phone calls, have turned up at our vets office unannounced demanding our private information and pet records (without any powers under any Act to do so) and have made false claims that our puppies had worms (even though they were regularly wormed in our care and we were told there were no welfare issues on collection). I tried to apply for a Breeder’s Licence but they would not accept my payment. I asked to be issued with a fine as stated under legislation, but they have not done so.  

I have visited DAS a few times they treated us like criminals and they have been very rude, using their authority to bully me and my partner to give them the puppies and in return they have offered to “drop the matter and not charge us”. They have not even allowed us in the office or to speak with the manager. We have not been allowed to see our dogs this whole time, the investigation period has finished and no one will answer us and our dogs have not returned home. 

I feel completely lost and like my rights as a Canberran are being completely ignored and my voice is not being heard.  

I love my dogs so much and so do my children, we have never experienced such a wonderful thing as having puppies born and we cared for them as best as we could.  

I have named all the puppies and I do not wish for DAS to keep our dogs. It’s been over 28 days since my dogs were taken and we just want them home.  DAS is not giving us any information and won’t return our calls and still treating us like we don’t matter.  

I want us to be heard am not sure what to do or where to go this matter is affecting our mental health greatly. The pups are growing up in the pound could be detrimental to their growth and mental state, which could affect their behaviour in the long run. Additionally, they have already contracted worms while in the care of DAS. A pound is not the right place for puppies to grow up and these puppies have a loving, caring home with our family.  

Please help us by signing our petition to have the back home to our family. This should not be happening to us and must be stopped before DAS target another innocent family.  

Thank you 

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