Show some mercy on asylum-seekers who had no choice

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I had no other choice when terrorism killed my family and friends. I was lucky to have the chance to move to the USA after leaving my beloved people, education, career and everything behind. I came here with no money and no body. I had to pay 3000 $ to a lawyer to make my paperwork. I could not work for 150 days until I get a social security card and wait another month to have a work permit. I waited almost 6 months with no job no income and no support ! 

I get past the toughest 6 months of my life, still I cannot apply for any federal financial aid for school which I cannot afford paying out of my pocket, have specific jobs, get any welfare benefits, or join the military.

I applied for asylum on December, 2014; I have been waiting for my interview at the immigration office for almost 3 years. I know friends had waited for more than 5 years just to have an interview at the immigration office.

My petition is to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services office,

1. Hire more people to process the four million applications that are submitted annually. People wait for years just to get to the interview !

2. Decrease the time asylum-seekers should wait to be able to work and make money, 6 months is a long time for broken and poor people sacrificed everything for freedom.

3. Issue some welfare benefits for those who are in pending asylum cases; they need it.

Support me to get my interview at Chicago Immigration Office. I want to finish my education and get my degree; I have a big dream to serve in the military of the country which provided me with safety and protection.

Help me make my dreams come true and become a permanent resident of the greatest country on Earth.

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