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STOP appropriating indigenous items and putting dreamcatchers with Canada day items!!!

For the past few weeks, we have been going around to Dollarama and removing dreamcatchers with native chief heads and other symbols in the centre. These have been hung with the items related to Canada day celebrations. We remove them and bring them to the manager, then explain to them that the dreamcatchers are appropriating indigenous culture and it's a slap in the face for us to see them hung surrounded by Canadian flags and other Canada 150 merchandise. Even the tags on the dreamcatchers are labeled "celebrating 150". We inform them that most indigenous people are not celebrating this holiday as it is a reminder of years of colonial oppression and broken treaties.

We are not suggesting that non-indigenous people not have dreamcatchers and other indigenous items, what we are encouraging is that people purchase authentic items rather than those mass-produced by multi-million dollar corporations. 

We sent an email to corporate and they responded that they will continue to sell the items as they are "very popular among customers across Canada" and also because this is an "isolated complaint".

Please sign and share this petition. You can also send Dollarama an email or give them a call 1-888-755-1006 and tell them what you think. It's time for reconcili-ACTION!!!

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