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Dollar General doesn't belong in the middle of a neighborhood on Coal River Road.

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We moved into the house next to a lot that you purchased on Coal River Road in March of 2017. We moved to this location because of the fact it was in the country and away from businesses. You purchased a 7.14 acre plot of land that is wooded and untouched. A land developer for Dollar General is in the process placing a store in the middle of this beautiful neighborhood. This most likely will have an environmental impact in the area by destroying a pond and the area where many animals live. There are two local convenient stores that will most likely become obsolete all for Dollar General to continue to reap the benefits of the current economic issues. Traffic on Coal river is already very dangerous and this will only make it worse. This will be an eye sore and for the neighbors who's view is now woods it will be a store front and a giant Dollar General sign. Foot traffic and drugs I'm sure will come to be in the parking lot after hours and currently there is no reason for anyone to be in this area. We have families here and with kids that we would like to have raised in a positive environment. This will provide no benefit to the community. The jobs that are created by this store will be very low wages and not sufficient to raise a family so. There are already three stores a few miles down the road in Saint Albans. There are a total of 14 in ten miles from this build site. This has everything to do with a corporation, land developer, and the Goldman's trying to continue increasing their wealth without any consideration of the repercussions of their actions. The whole neighborhood is up in arms and we can't imagine a store being placed in between all these beautiful homes and beautiful land. I invite you to come to the location and picture yourself sitting on the front porch across from the proposed build site and imagine living there. It is heart breaking that greedy people made this deal happen without any regard for the community.

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