Petition Update

Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Oral Argument

Marsh Law Firm
New York, NY

May 10, 2012 — Last week, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals held a rare en banc hearing to consider the government's argument that victims should not receive full restitution. While the government had 15 minutes to present their case to the panel, they only spent the last 3 minutes discussing victim restitution. We believe their theory still does not fully support vulnerable child victims.

The victim was represented by noted advocate and former federal judge professor Paul Cassell who spent 45 minutes pressing our case before the Court. Paul did a masterful job in what will be a watershed decision for child victims in the Fifth Circuit and throughout the country.

The Department of Justice was clearly influenced by your emails and calls to support victims of child exploitation and domestic violence. The Department is aware that this issue is important to many people and that they will be held accountable for their position.

The Court's decision is expected in the fall. Thank you for your support!