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Stop Antonia Carandang-Park from practicing as a medical doctor. She is a quack! #JusticeForKate

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Tomorrow, I will celebrate father’s day without a greeting from my daughter, Kate. She was my eldest child. She made me feel how it feels like to be a father forever.  Kate was a charming and promising young lady. She was kind, loving, caring, responsible and intelligent. She had all the superlatives any parent would look for in a child. Her siblings looked up to her as she served as their role model. Kate loved to help people, she was the voice of those who are abused and maltreated, and she was able to air her opinions without fear or favor. Her friends describe her as perfect. From the moment she entered school, Kate was a consistent honor student, and not to mention talented and musically inclined. While in College in 2009, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a type of cancer that is part of the immune system. Thankfully, it was said to be curable. Kate stopped schooling and battled this. She took on the first round of chemotherapy, radiation treatment and walked out of it alive. We were vigilant with her health check-ups, we made sure to go visit the doctor every month. She was also then able to go back to school. Just when we thought Kate was doing well, she one day arrived home with dry cough. A year after she was in remission, Kate’s sickness came back in June 2012. Barely a year from graduation, she was worried about being delayed again because of her treatments, and so Kate researched about other possible therapies other than chemotherapy. She came up with the information that a certain medical doctor from Tagaytay garnered rave reviews for her stem cell treatment on the former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The doctor goes by the name Antonia Carandang-Park. Apparently, Dr. Antonia Carandang-Park was able to cure a variety of incurable illnesses from cancer to autoimmune diseases. Kate decided she wanted to be seen and treated by Dr. Antonia Carandang-Park. We were able to set an appointment with her with much difficulty, in August 2012. Patients lined up in her clinic located in SVD road, Barangay San Jose, Tagaytay City. Everyone was talking about the MIRACLE Doctor Antonia Carandang-Park. Kate was in high spirits; she knew that Dr. Park could heal her, especially when the doctor assured us that she has treated the same case for duration of three months. Dr. Park accepted Kate as a patient on one condition, that Kate will not see other doctors and that she should not have treatments other than those given by Dr. Park. Kate complied with the condition, sticking with the regimen of a series of stem cell injections and a diet of juice. We saw Dr. Park twice a week, paying her P6,000-P8,000/treatment. In an effort to support Kate, my wife and I joined her treatments. We were paying Dr. Park P36,000-P40,000/week . We were promised that Kate will be well and she will be cancer free after three months. Months passed, we did not see any improvement in Kate’s condition. We observed Kate to be having fever in the evenings. This then prompted us to rush her to the emergency room. Kate did not improve under the care of Dr. Park. It was in January 2013 that we decided to have Kate undergo conventional chemotherapy. Kate was discouraged and disappointed with Dr. Park. But she fought on and she was hopeful that she would be healed. On July 4, 2013, Kate passed away. My daughter fought hard and lived her life to the fullest. She graduated Cum Laude, garnering a degree in  AB Communication Arts from Ateneo de Manila University. Her thesis “Cancer among Adolescents” won the Best Thesis. She was able to do these while battling cancer. A month after Kate died, I received a certification that Dr. Antonia Carandang-Park does not appear in the registry of authorized physicians to practice Medicine in the Philippines. This prompted us to file a case of illegal practice of medicine, syndicated estafa, and murder. Later on we found out that Antonia Carandang – Park has previous cases of estafa and BP 22.  My heart breaks into a million pieces, because until now the pain remains, it is a wound that can never be healed. I can't stop thinking about Kate who despite of the injustice done to us remained hopeful of the people around her. We were deceived, manipulated and given false hope. We were led to believe Antonia Carandang - Park  can cure Kate within three months. My daughter Kate, is now gone but her spirit lives. I'm appealing to the authorities to truly find out who this fake doctor is. What is her true identity? Where did she really came from? How was she able to do what she did blatantly and with full impunity considering she has other cases that dates back 2008, even before the former president visited her? My family has lost Kate. while, Antonia Carandang- Park is out on bail and enjoying the luxuries of a free life.  I ask you all to help me in this petition for the Department of Justice to take action. The 8 counts of Estafa filed against Antonia Carandang-Park were reduced to only one. Antonia Carandang - Park now faces illegal practice of medicine. We have heard that she is still accepting patients discreetly, giving them stem cell treatments. I urge the Professional Regulation Commission with the aid of National Bureau of Investigation to help in cracking down the operation of Antonia Carandang- Park. A life of a patient is worth more than a profit of a doctor.  Antonia Carandang- Park is not a doctor, she is a businesswoman, a con artist thriving for mere profit with absolute disregard to the harm that her actions can do to a trusting and hopeless patient. She has not shown remorse for her actions. She is even proud and arrogant. May the life of my daughter, Kate be the last to be sacrificed in the hands of Antonia Carandang - Park. Justice for Kate!  #JusticeForKate

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