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Studies show that children as young as 11 years old engage in premarital sex, It has been a growing trend that is being frowned upon by most societies. Most causes of premarital sex is through curiosity. Teens today are more curious than ever that teens today explore their bodies a lot. Another cause of premarital sex is rough relationships. Relationships wherein the couples have some uncontrollable and wild ways of showing of affection with one another, thinking that doing these acts might seal their relationship forever.

            How do we avoid premarital sex and keep our future children away from this trend? First is to make sure teens would keep a close relationship with God. Having a close relationship with him can show that you respect him and that you listen to his teachings. Mainly one of those teachings is sex after marriage. God created sex for married couples in order for them to procreate and extend their family. Sex is one man, one woman, committed in marriage, for the rest of their lives. Teens who engage in premarital sex treat it like it is something that can’t be taken seriously. This would make fornicating and irresponsible act for them to perform.

            Second is having to monitor the child. It is basically responsible parenting. Since many kinds of media information can be easily accessed today. Out of curiosity, teens might be able to access malicious information that can easily corrupt their minds. Teens that attain these kinds of information lead to questions that are not supposed to be given answers to, questions like are mostly about sex and how it is performed. . It is sometimes if not most of the time better to always watch over our children.

            Third is abstinence. Most children are impatient. They always want their curiosity to be filled immediately. To most kids out there, it can wait! No need to rush things. Sex is something to be talked about and not to be rushed. Having premarital sex would give the child a risk of pregnancy which would give the child the heavy responsibility of being a parent.

Many young children today engage in premarital sex, it is an essential for them to learn how to be responsible and that they must not play around with sex. Teens who are affected by their curiosity are usually the victims of this trend. Couples must learn how to control their showing of affection with one another, because they can’t just simply seal their relationship by having sex.


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