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Petitioning Representative Ellen Tauscher and 2 others

Dogs in Harsova, Romania are killed and reward offered for their ears

Harsova, Romania is offering a reward for the ears of dogs that have been killed.   We need to stop this barbaric action!   Romania Animal Rescue would like to go into Harsova to humanely spay/neuter the dogs as a humane form of birth control.  Please sign this petition!   RAR will get the info. to the Mayor of Harsova!;

Registered charity in USA 72-1546354; Registered as RARF in Romania

Letter to
Representative Ellen Tauscher
U.S. House of Representatives
President of the United States
Dear Representative Tauscher,
Please contact the State Department in regards to the abuse of animals in Romania. Horses, dogs, farm animals are all suffering in the country of Romania. Please feel free to contact me personally. In Harsova, Romania for example dogs are being shot and their ears are being cut off for reward money.
Nancy Janes
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
8000 Morgan Territory Rd
Livermore, CA 94551