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Dogs for Schools - Implement Service Dogs in Schools to Teach Empathy & Reduce Conflict


After the tragic shootings at neighboring Sandy Hook Elementary School, it became clear that gun control and mental health care improvements would not sufficiently address school safety issues. More importantly, partisan divides promised to create an impasse when it came to implementing any meaningful changes. Working with a new litter of puppies destined to become service and therapy dogs, we watched the NRA calling for armed teachers and guards in every school.

There had to be a better way.

We hope to increase the presence of dogs in every school, teaching empathy and compassion to our children while lowering incidences of conflict and bullying at local levels. This will, in turn, create a generation that has less anger and fewer violent tendencies. Humans have worked with dogs for thousands of years to create a protective ally to guard villages while those bearing arms were away. It has become part of their genetic coding to serve and protect, and part of our own coding to feel more relaxed when a dog is nearby. Dogs for Schools is a simple, non-partisan, complementary solution to curb the rise of violence in our nation

Dogs in classrooms have been shown to:

* Teach Empathy and Compassion
* Decrease Bullying and Conflicts among both Teachers and Students
* Raise IQ levels
* Encourage Respect for Authority
* Provide New Opportunities for Learning

Dogs are also known to:

* Protect Companions from Harm
* Encourage Relaxation
* Diffuse Tension

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Letter to
The White House
I am writing to you today to share a non-partisan, complementary solution to reduce violence and conflict in our schools. If more teachers and staff were encouraged to train their own dogs in a way that would allow the dogs to accompany them to school each day, I believe that our children would benefit immensely. The costs would be minimal to schools when compared with the potential salaries for armed guards, but the benefits would reach beyond assault prevention.

Dogs in schools have been shown to teach empathy and compassion; reduce bullying and conflicts; increase respect among teachers and students; raise IQ levels; and provide new teaching opportunities. Furthermore, dogs have been scientifically shown to decrease tension and stress hormones in humans.

Dogs are genetically coded to protect human life. They will, more often than not, work to save lives in fires and other emergencies. Many dogs can be trained to smell guns, and all dogs will alert their companions in times of danger.

This is a simple, easy, cost-effective solution. Children will grow up with more empathy and with less bullying, creating an entire generation of teens adults who have less resentment and fewer violent tendencies. Classrooms without canines or with hypo-allergenic dogs such as standard poodles may easily be set aside for children with severe allergies.

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