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Dogs and cats should not be used for experiments-compromises human safety. Vet medicine excluded.

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Synopsis:  Dogs and cats should NEVER be used for lab experiments to the exception of advancing veterinarian medicine (for their own kind): Dog and cat genetic makeup is too far removed from human physiology to be considered not even remotely safe as test subjects, and angers most people that such companion animals are used often with cruelty. Also the"Class B" dealers who steal people's pets or use "free to good home" ads to sell to labs would be no more.

Animal experiments are needed for procedural and medication safety and effectiveness analysis however the anatomy and physiology of dogs and cats are too dissimilar to humans, thus should be banned with exception to veterinarian medicine research.
To illustrate how different human physiology is from cats and dogs, common foods humans can eat, are quite lethal to said dogs and cats; so how can testing drugs/procedures on these animals be used to assess safety for human use with such differences; numerous drug recalls demonstrate this.

The following foods can be FATAL to your dog (also cats):


Written by:
Laurinda Morris, DVM (Danville Veterinary Clinic, Danville , OH)
"Poison control said as few as 7 raisins or grapes could be toxic. Many people I know give their dogs grapes or raisins as treats including our ex-handler ' s. Any exposure should give rise to immediate concern. Onions, chocolate, cocoa and macadamia nuts can be fatal, too."

Also see:

It's becoming more widely known that chocolate is very toxic to both cats and dogs. Theobromine is the offending substance here. Janet Tobiassen Crosby, D.V.M. has an excellent article on the symptoms, effects, and treatment of chocolate toxicity.

Grapes and Raisins
These foods' toxicity has mainly been found in dogs, in quantities of varying amounts. The ASPCA advises: "As there are still many unknowns with the toxic potential of grapes and raisins, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center advises not giving grapes or raisins to pets in any amount." That's good enough for me.

Artificial sweetener is also fatal to dogs and cats.

Please propose a bill banning all dogs and cats because their genetic make up (anatomy & physiology) is so far removed from humans renders them not only useless as test subjects but dangerous. Cats and dogs should not be used in high school and college dissection either; veterinarian college courses exempt.

Exceptions are experimental procedures for veterinarian medicine-using dogs and cats applied for advancing medicine for the welfare of their own kind.

Banning the use of dogs and cats (to the exception for veterinarian medicine) also promotes SAFETY-will also reduce the need to invoke the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act since the experimentation of dogs and cats inflames strong emotions as our nation is very dog and cat loving- Many people get upset when they see dogs and cats burned alive, cut open, and basically tortured.  To these individuals-a nation that loves their dogs and cats-this is no different than torturing a little child. Dissection of dogs and cats should also be banned to the exception of veterinarian courses.

Universities also use dogs and cats for intubation courses: The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association, which sponsor the most widely taught pediatric life-support courses in the country, exclusively endorse the use of modern, human-like manikins, not dogs and cats, for this kind of training.  Again, cat and dog anatomy is not even close to a human child's. The training is ineffective for human intervention.  Cats are forced to undergo painful intubation procedures in which hard plastic tubes are repeatedly forced down their wind pipes by course participants. This can result in bleeding, swelling, scarring of the animals' throat tissue, collapsed lungs, and even death. In another procedure, the cats have air forced into their chest cavities so that course participants can repeatedly practice inserting a needle into the animals to remove the excess air.

The only exception should be for veterinarian schools for medical treatment of cats and dogs-NOT humans.

This would also put "Class B" dealers out of business who steal pets and adopt "free to good home" pets to sell to labs for hideous research.

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