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Hey guyz Peter Kumaravelu here today i had came across this petition  which is seeking justice for a poor dog which was abused by 3 boys for fun and made videos on it, the was found and rescued by miss, priya a local tech geek who started that petition ,after rescuing that poor dog they named him happy and took him to a local shelter named (Street dog shelter) after some Aid they had found that happy cant walk or move his body below his neck, after a day  of medical examination they had found that there are some nerve damage due to muscle and bone pressure on happy's spine sothat he can't walk or move his body by his own, they had tried physiotherapy on happy in a hope to make him walk again but it's helpless , so after another examination by Dr.jayadevan a local neurologist he suggested to go for a laminectomy surgery for happy in which a space will be created by removing a part of the lamina that covers the spinal canal which enlarges the spinal canal to relieve pressure on the spinal nerves  so that he can walk again but a laminectomy surgery won't come cheap i needs skilled neurologists and a highly specialized theater and an estimate of laminectomy costs upto $200 so they are in need of our help to save this poor baby ,according to her last update on her petition they need $1700 out of the total $2000 goal so i request you people who are signing this petition should consider to donate a single $ on this poor puppies surgery funds to  make his surgery possible as soon as possible 

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Amount needed -$1700 ASAP