Fenced in Dog Park for Barrington Park

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As a dog owner of 2 very active German Shorthaired pointers, I am always looking for a fenced in area for my active dogs to burn off some steam. Why fenced in? I own a breed that has a high prey drive and cannot focus when off leash if they catch a scent or see another dog they want to greet. As a new resident to the area, I find it difficult to find areas where my dogs can be off leash in such fenced in area. 

Despite Barrington Park being a "Leashed" Dog park, I know that many local dog owners head to this park to throw a ball for their dog to burn off some energy...which is extremely hard to do while still on a leash.

Since Barrington park is a local park with a vast amount of green space, I am looking for support to get a fenced in area where local dogs can run, play and socialize in a safe space, without the fear of them running off or onto a busy street.

I hope you will join me in this!