Silver Bay, MN needs an off leash area for citizens and their dogs!

Silver Bay, MN needs an off leash area for citizens and their dogs!

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Silver Bay Citizens for Off Leash Areas started this petition to Dog owners in Silver Bay and

To all interested dog owning citizens of Silver Bay and surrounding communities and to those who support responsible dog ownership including rescue organizations, veterinarians, dog trainers, groomers, walkers and boarding facilities and other businesses who serve the needs of dogs and their owners.

Some local dog owners have been discussing the potential for an off leash area (dog park). To facilitate this, we have formed a temporary group to begin this process.

The first step is to develop community support. We have a unique opportunity right now because Silver Bay is making a proposal to the Minnesota Design Team for a spring 2022 planning session.

The Design Team is a volunteer group of architects, landscape architects, urban designers, planners and other with expertise in community development. During an intense weekend visit, the community gets together to share its history, current problems, opportunities and dreams for the future. The Design team combines this information with its knowledge of design and community development and gives back to the community a series of design concepts and drawings – a picture of the community’s vision for the future.

This is an excellent opportunity to try to incorporate an off leash area in the city’s strategic planning process. This is the letter of support we will send the MN Design Team and Silver Bay’s Director of Economic Development for which we seek signatures of support.

Attention:  MN Design Team                August 11, 2021

This is a letter of support for a design team visit from local dog-owning residents of Silver Bay who are forming a citizen group that will investigate the potential for an off leash recreational area in Silver Bay.

We believe the Design Team visit is an excellent opportunity to help the city move forward in its next stage of progress planning because improved land and building use is such a critical need in our community.

We believe that responsible community planning includes provisions for off-leash areas and that the existence of these areas benefits the community as a whole. And we advocate for the development of an off-leash area in the city not to replace, but in addition to existing access to public spaces. As we continue to build our city’s tourism industry, we believe that visitors to our area will also be potential users of such a park. Being in a rural area, we also believe an opportunity exists for collaboration with the county and other local communities in this endeavor.

As a newly organized citizen action group, we are presently establishing a support base and preparing an initial statement of need to present the city so that a preliminary proposal, made in consultation with the city, can be available prior to the proposed visit of the design team.

An off leash area has similar needs to any municipal or county park in terms of meeting the needs of citizens and human visitors. Additionally, an off leash area requires fencing for safety, a system for park permits that ensure dogs are vaccinated and licensed, and a waste management plan for the collection of solid dog waste.

A citizen group such as we are proposing is intended to work with the city to help manage the unique aspects of an off leash area and to:

  • Educate the community about off-leash areas and their benefits.
  • Educate dog owners about dog training and behavior to promote responsible dog ownership.
  • Partner with the city of Silver Bay to make an off-leash area safe, clean, and fun.
  • Volunteer to enhance, develop and maintain the off leash area.
  • Support various events, dog rescue groups, and other non-profit organizations, for the purpose of educating the general public about the benefits of dog ownership and companionship and for the encouragement of family pet ownership.
  • Raise funds to help provide special amenities for an off leash area such as agility type equipment and water features to enhance play opportunities.

We hope you will consider our city for a visit and include consideration of how an off leash area could fit in the city’s plans. A list of signatures of support is attached.


Karen Bzdok, Chairwoman 

Silver Bay Citizens for Off Leash Areas

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!