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Dogs - Help us for the end of Breed Specific Legislation in France

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France - A sad birthday for the Dog!


The law on the so-called "dangerous dogs" will soon celebrate its 20 years of existence.
This law stigmatizes and has put for too long indexes on 3 breeds of dogs (out of 350 present on the territory!). 20.000 dogs were euthanized since 1999 only because of their breed.

As demonstrated by a multitude of scientific studies on the subject, these are:
• Without scientific foundation,
• Without statistical basis,
• Ineffective in reducing dog bites,
• Inadapted,
• Badly applied,
• Counterproductive.

A true political and demagogic lie, this however constitutes a health scandal because of the number of dogs that have been euthanized simply because of their racial affiliation.

By signing this petition, I support any approach that will lead to:
- The suppression of this law,
- The management of potentially dangerous dogs on a case-by-case basis, according to their own behavior and not their race,
- To the implementation of a real policy of prevention of dog bites based on:
○ The responsabilities of the owners and the sensitization and sharing of information regarding breeders and of the general public,
○ The realization of concrete preventive measures for the benefit of people known to be at risk (children) and parents.

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