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VERY IMPORTANT: Why Our 'National Boycott' Petition Needs to Apply to ALL Dog Breeders

Nancy Sorich
Folsom, CA, United States

Feb 15, 2015 — As of this afternoon, our new petition to: “Dog Lovers Everywhere…Join Together in National Boycott of ALL Dog Breeders…UNTIL…” has about 4,400 signatures. )

When compared to Stand Up for Dogs’ (SUFD’s) own ‘standard’ of the 120,000-plus of you who already have signed the ‘Zelda’ petition, we clearly have a long way to go here and really need to give the above new petition a big boost.

(The other (Zelda) petition is at the following link):

We’re concerned that some of you may have the concern that a woman, ‘Linda’, expressed below about the petition boycotting all breeders.

If so, please read her comments but also please read our response to her below which explains the important rationale for including all breeders.

Your ‘sign and spread’ support is badly needed for this critically important boycott petition.

Thanks very much, Stand Up for Dog

On February 10, 2015 at 2:27 PM 'Linda' wrote:

“There are caring ethical breeders that help to keep breeds healthy and able to do what they were bred to do. Dogs are needed to help people in many ways like seeing eye dogs and hearing dogs, police dogs and search and rescue dogs for a few examples. I believe that any breeder that will require in their contract to be the one to receive the dog back if the buyer could no longer care for the dog should be celebrated. The people who are doing the right thing should not be penalized due to the unethical criminals who are not abiding by the law or standards.”


On Feb. 14, 2015, Stand Up for Dogs responded as follows:

“Thanks, Linda for your feedback.

Please appreciate that all those encompassed in the immense 'Extended Pet Industry' term should feel some (actually a lot!) moral and ethical responsibility to help put a stop to all this excessive shelter INTAKE....i.e. not to be causing hard-working be frenetically 'bailing the boat' instead of getting responsible interested weed out the many irresponsible/indiscriminate backyard breeders/'BYB's' in the mix and to help put a plug in the hole of these sinking 'boats' (shelters)?

One very significant problem stems from things like the annual Puppy Bowl, the large national dog shows, etc. Yes, they exhibit the true wonder and majesty of dogs but, unfortunately, this also provides tremendous amounts of "free advertising" for the 'supply-push' byb's behind every bush out there who don't give a hoot about those buying their litters, most notably 'impulse buyers'/’irresponsible pet owners’.

The closely-related other difficulty is that the ethical breeders to whom you refer, all too often simply say..."....we can't help it if they feed off our advertising; we've done nothing wrong".

Let's turn that around and ask them: "What have you done right, or 'pro-actively', to clean up your breeder profession as a whole?" Ask them: "Do you think that you should be just 'left alone' to pursue your hobby...or your business...and be .allowed to do whatever you want to your 'personal property'? And, further ask them: “...Regardless of the current legal designation of companion animals as 'personal property/chattel', do you personally see a 'living sentient being', such as a guide dog for the blind or a golden retriever companion loved by the kids in a family, as nothing more than a 'tool' for the blind person or a play toy for the children? Yes, dogs are needed to help people; but aren't people needed to help dogs in return?

Consider those that volunteer around the clock to adopt and foster the excess intake that comes through shelter doors. Have those volunteers done anything 'wrong'? Certainly not. Are they acting humanely and responsibly? I'd certainly think so.

You mention the unethical criminals who are not abiding by the law or the standards. That is the real crux of the matter. Far too few municipalities have adequate laws or standards for reasonable and necessary oversight of breeding. They don't have processes in place to even identify who is breeding animals, or to quantify the extent of breeding that is occurring in any given community. If they did, they'd have a chance of actually setting reputable breeders apart from those that drag the profession down.

But, who is influencing pro-business municipal officials throughout this country not to regulate...and not to establish rules and standards to weed out these 'unethical criminals' you mention? Or, at the very least, who is not stepping forward to urge such laws and standards?

Yet, those (above) who deem themselves responsible breeders have been known to participate in committees working on this shelter overpopulation problem and then to effectively 'circle the wagons' around the entire breeder community...good breeders and the bad. They would rather perpetuate the chaff than risk anyone else trying to straighten out these serious problems, even though they themselves will not do it.

Ridding the breeder community of bad breeders is much like the problem of administering chemotherapy to a cancer patient. How do you save the patient's life (i.e. substantially reduce the intake and carnage in shelters) without affecting some good cells around the targeted bad cells? It is virtually impossible.

But, if the chemotherapy is administered quickly and effectively, the patient -- and all its good cells -- live on....and prosper!

Stand Up for Dogs

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