Dog Starved and dumped to die

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Last Friday we received a message with a photo of a completely hairless, mange-ridden, starved malnourished dog. It came with a map location pin. we jumped in our van with some food, water, and a leash to meet a fellow rescuer.

When we arrived, the dog was curled up, passed out on the side of the road. we woke him with a handful of food. It didn’t take much to coax this starving puppy to safety. He was scared of us, but he wanted help! Neighbors on this farm road said he had just shown up that day, and we know he didn’t arrive on his own. He was dumped to die.

Every bone in his little body was visible. And as terrible as his outward appearance was, what worried me even more was that he seemed to be struggling to breathe. At first it was just slightly noticeable. I thought maybe he had a touch of pneumonia from being outside in the elements. we had  managed to take him to the nearby vet. The veterinarians and staff there were amazing and took him in right away, getting him much needed oxygen and started running tests to find out what was going on. and waiting on some of those results.

We named him vinay, as we couldn’t wait to watch him rise from the ashes of the only life he had known, After the arrival of the test results  What we know right now is that vinay is in right sided heart failure. What we don't know for sure is why. he did test positive for heartworms which could be the cause, but on the radiographs, there is clearly something more going on with his lungs.We suspect he has a fungal infection, Blastomycosis. We will get test results back on that early next week. For now, vinay is staying hospitalized so he can continue to get oxygen.The doctor suggested he will revise his CPR to a DNR. and he told me if his heart stops, he won’t likely come back

The problem that he presented us with is that saving vinay’s life “is going to be very expensive.” We are looking at an estimated $2,800 - $3000 for the critical care. vinay has a urinary catheter since he can’t or won’t walk yet, and exposure to his skin of his own urine could be very dangerous. He has a constant ECG to monitor his blood pressure. He’s on an IV drip full of a complex, lifesaving cocktail of drugs catered to his condition. And he needs pretty much his own dedicated nurse, monitoring and working with him around the clock.

For anyone who says one dog is not worth this kind of money, you have not met vinay. He has a strong and beautiful soul. He deserves every opportunity to be delivered from his cruel start to life—no matter the cost—and to find out what it’s like to be be part of a know joy! 

We must raise the necessary funds immediately in order to continue vinay’s treatment. This is a "Emergency", and needs to be spread far and wide to anyone who loves dogs, or simply hates suffering. We need anyone who can't donate to please share! You never know who will see it, who can help vinay.

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