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North Down Borough Council are proposing the introduction of strict Dog Control Orders and are inviting feedback on the consultation currently taking place in relation to these orders.

For full information on the proposed Orders please visit

Letter to
North Down Borough Council
We have started this petition because we object to the introduction of the proposed Dog Control Orders in the North Down Borough.

These Orders will mean having to walk your dog on a lead at all times, on virtually all Council property, including parks, playing fields and the coastal path. There are also seasonal restrictions on our beaches and a limit to 2 dogs per walker in certain locations.

As dog owners we all know how much enjoyment both owners and their dogs get from exercising off lead and the part this plays in the dogs overall health.

Whilst we appreciate that there are dog fouling problems in the Borough, we do not believe that these Orders will solve this problem. We also understand that there are a small minority of dog walkers who act irresponsibility by not keeping their dogs under control.

We feel rather than implementing these Orders the Council should take a more proactive approach and would welcome such measures as education for dog owners, training for dogs and a more robust implementation of penalties for dog fouling.

We believe that the Dog Control Orders currently under consultation penalise responsible dog owners and well behaved dogs and would appeal to the Council to review their proposals.

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