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Dog barking must be strictly regulated and controlled all over India

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Uncontrolled dog barking has become a severe nuisance in residential areas all around the country. Celebs and NGO's are encouraging people to adopt pets, but who is going to be held accountable if those pets ruin the peace of their neighbours around ?

I agree animals deserves freedom of speech, but then we deserve peace of living too. The noise pollution created by dogs is far more severe than that created by other sources. They feel free to bark anytime of the day and night. Some dogs just love barking. Facts state that a consistent noise level of over 80 dB can be detrimental to hearing during the day and the same over 40 dB during night can be hazardous to ones health and well being. Adding further, a noise over 100 dB for as low as 15 mins can cause a permanent loss in one's hearing. Having said that, let me tell you that a dog's bark go as high as 113 dB. Knowing this, just imagine the amount of unconscious damage it is causing to us especially our infants and senior citizens. They deserve a peaceful living environment, don't they ?

Give me one reason why this hazard should not be regulated. I want the government to pass an ordinance, a special act, to regulate noises created by animals, especially dogs. Some of my suggestions are as follows,

  1. Make behavioural training of pet dogs compulsory before allowing them to be adopted.
  2. Issue directions for local authorities for speedy redressals of neighbour complaints regarding intolerable noise pollution due to dogs.
  3. Hold the pet owner accountable and liable for compensation, fine or punishment for their pet causing nuisance to neighbours.
  4. Have centres where pets can be sent for behavioural training and retraining whenever reported for nuisance.
  5. Ban the pet owner from having pets if the complaints are consistent and frequent in spite of retraining of the pets.

Me and my family have personally been a victim of this torture for the past 2 years and our trouble causing neighbours have been extremely non co-operative just because they know that there is no law or regulation in place to hold them accountable. This has to change. We cannot allow this nuisance to continue and go unnoticed and unregulated.

If you support my cause then please sign this petition and post your comments and suggestions below. Thanks for reading till the end.

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