Boycott Dog and Duck

Boycott Dog and Duck

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Dog and Duck

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Started by Jasmin Sendle

Stand as one and boycott this horrible club.


In 2019 so much was brought to our attention about the quality and presentation of the popular Adelaide nightclub, Dog and Duck.

It started with a marketing post offering “Free Condoms” to all patrons in return for discounted or free entry the following week upon bringing them back used. This immediately sparked outrage in the clubbing community and was later revealed to be a joke. Understandably, some common sense would’ve allocated that this was a joke but it took the media by storm. You know what they say, all publicity is good publicity. 

later on through the year another Facebook post was created entitling customers to a “Free Puppy” upon coming to the club.  Animal lovers immediately jumped on their backs for the outlandish offer and nation wide media coverage was again involved. A few hours later it was revealed that this was also a cruel Dog and Duck joke and wouldn’t be happening. The media somehow attached images to their story’s claiming to be taken from inside the nightclub detailing that this wasn’t a joke and it was their full intention to do so before the back lash. This is not confirmed or denied as the truth however.

More recently the club has been the site of an abundant amount of drink spikings with hundreds calling for the safety and well-being of their patrons. A full audit is said to be undergoing throughout the club about their procedures and policies for customer safety. 

Finally, today, 1/1/2020 yet again another Facebook post was created by the club sharing personal messages between the club and a patron that was providing feedback of her experience. She was said to have been sexually abused but another patron in the club and after unsuccessfully being able to get a security guards attention made the action to self defend herself and get away from the man. The security guard did however manage to see this as she was escorted from the premise even after explaining her story. She also claims she was falsely informed of the entry fee of the club by workers and was charged 2.5x more then she was told the prices were. Upon messaging the club asking for a refund the response was “sorry we don’t give refunds” without admitting fault in any way or form. 

Do you think this is acceptable behaviour for a club? Is this a place you want to go with your friends? Is this a place you would let your children go?


Until Dog and Duck can prove they have made adequate changes to the way they handle situations and replace their marketing team with competent staff, I’m asking that we stand up as one and boycott this dangerous, outlandish joke for a club.


5,813 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!