Does Solebury really need a Super Wawa ?

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A developer has presented a plan to build a new Super Wawa on the corner of Route 202 and Sugan Road in Solebury, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. This petition will be presented to the Solebury Supervisors to show our objection to this plan. Below are critical points that must be considered by the Supervisors. Please review and sign our petition.

1. The location is less than ideal.  a) It's adjacency to two nice residential communities imperils the peace and quiet of dozens of residents. These people bought their homes with the reasonable expectation that they would be protected by Solebury's zoning laws. The proposed development provides no overriding community good that justifies a variance from existing zoning. b) Its proximity to the fire house and the increased traffic that would result, impedes the arrival of volunteer emergency first-responders and slows the dispatch of rescue vehicles.

2  Six new gasoline pumps would  increase traffic exponentially in an already congested intersection.  a) There would be a three- or four-fold increase in traffic versus a Wawa without gasoline pumps. This would increase air, light and noise pollution significantly. b) Inclusion of gasoline pumps also raises the specter of a gas spill or a leak from underground storage tanks, endangering water quality.  c) Increased transient traffic would increase the need for added surveillance and security patrols.

3. No new service is provided. a) A Wawa already exists just down the street and provides all needed Wawa products in a contained location and in a traffic manageable fashion.  b) there are at least 5 or 6 existing and locally-owned gas stations within a three mile radius that currently serve the community.

4. No new jobs created. The new store may require few new employees to operate, and the currently existing gas station adjoining the proposed site will probably be forced out of business.

5. The size of the project is out of scale. Solebury is a small, semi-rural community with a stated objective of retaining open spaces. Many current and former residents have contributed land and development rights in support of this objective and pay taxes to pay down purposed bonds. A project of this size is inconsistent with this laudable objective.

Sign the petition. Please sign this petition to let the Solebury Supervisors know that you wish to retain the beauty and tranquility of Solebury Township and that you OBJECT to the construction of a Super Wawa at the corner of Sugan Road and Route 202.

Thank you.