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  • Here's My Story, I Have DNA Evidence To Prove My Innocence But I Was Sentenced to 102 Years To Life!

Demetrius Gater was buried alive at 18 when he was wrongfully accused, charged and then convicted of crimes he didn't commit. His entire cases was built on confidential witness testimony and each of those individuals were financially compensated. He was then framed by each each confidential informant that received immunity from the San Diego District Attorneys Office from their own violent crimes. One of the confidential informants got their attempted rape charges dropped and has his freedom. In 2006-2007 Demetrius was convicted of murder and attempted murder, even though forensics prove several others were at the crime scenes. Even though SDPD and the San Diego District Attorney's have this information, these fugitives have yet to be brought to justice. In addition to the DNA evidence, Demetrius has other discovery that proves he wasn't at any of the crime scenes he's currently serving a life sentence for.

But The DNA Should Speak For Itself Right?

 In October 2014, A Post Conviction DNA Petition was granted to find matches in the DNA Database Index. But in April 2015; Demetrius Gater received devastating news that his motion for a Post Conviction DNA hearing would be abandoned. San Diego Public Defender Troy Britt, did discover identified matches (Names to the DNA sources) linked to the crimes Demetrius has been convicted of. But in instead of filing a motion for a new trial, Britt filed a motion in the San Diego Superior Court to "quash" it!

 The misconception that DNA Forensics cases are easy to get reopened is false. The matched samples found from the crime scene in the National DNA Database Index isn't enough to free this man, and he's still fighting for his liberation.

  • This Is His Only Legal Current Option For Change:

Demetrius did receive a little light at the end of the tunnel when California Senate Bill 260 passed. That Bill gives inmates that were convicted with adult sentences for crimes committed as juveniles a chance for parole. Senate Bill 260 is a fair solution for inmates who did commit the crimes they've been convicted of, but it isn't equitable for Demetrius Gater. The prosecution buried this innocent man alive , by paying other criminals to falsely testify, and the DNA should have helped prove his innocence. Without your help Prop 260 is his only option for him to come home to his friends and family.

  • What He's Up To Now:

He currently resides in a California State Prison where he helps take care of disabled inmates, including the blind and elderly. Even in his worst state of dehumanized circumstances, he still has a passion for helping others. He's received his GED, and is starting college in prison during the Spring of 2016. His dream when he comes home is to serve with endangered youth.  

This Is How You Can Help Unbury His Injustice:

Each signature that Mr. Gater can receive to gain support, will be another step forward from your generous help to aid in his exoneration. Every signature will lead him forward in the quest to his liberation and there isn't any step too small in the right direction. Thank you for helping  this man get his second chance, and remember ALL LIVES MATTER!


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