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Stop the Education Department From Islamizing Our Children

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The Department of Education recently instructed the nation’s public schools to incorporate the “experiences, perspective and words of Muslim people into the curriculum” of public schools.

Throughout the United States we have witnessed a flood of Islamic indoctrination programs infiltrate our classrooms.

Our public schools should NEVER be used to convert our children into the religion of Islam! Here just are a few examples of public schools brainwashing our children into Islam.

* Children are told that Muslims are more religious than the average Christian (Union County, NC and other schools!)

* Children are asked to memorize the Five Pillars of Islamic Faith (Olmsted Falls, OH and other schools!)

* Children are told that there is no god but Allah (La Plata, MD and other schools!)

* Children are told that all people must submit to Allah (Manhattan Beach, CA and other schools!)

* Children are told that Allah is the same god worshipped in Christianity (Walton County, GA and other schools!)

In Staunton, VA a 9th grade World Geography class had students participate in a calligraphy lesson where children declared: "There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is the messenger of God."

Enough of this INDOCTRINATION of our schoolchildren into Islam!

Schoolchildren have even been asked to sing Islamic songs, visit mosques, say Islamic prayers, design Islamic prayer rugs and more.

I demand that your Department of Education cease using the bullying power of the federal government to introduce even more outrageous Islamic programs, curriculum and lessons into the public schools.

Please REVERSE your plan to force even more Islamic indoctrination lessons into the public school system. After signing the petition, read more about the issue, and our upcoming documentary, by clicking here.

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