NYC: institute school associated, 24/7 online therapists for high schools

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Each year, 44,965 Americans die by suicide. A considerable amount of these Americans are teenagers who are living through one of the most pivotal years of their lives. 

According to USAtoday,"The suicide rate for white children and teens between 10 and 17 was up 70% between 2006 and 2016."

  • "Experts and teens cite myriad reasons, including spotty mental health screening, poor access to mental health services and resistance among young men and people of color to admit they have a problem and seek care. Then there's the host of well-documented and hard to solve societal issues, including opioid-addicted parents, a polarized political environment and poverty that persists in many areas despite a near-record-low unemployment rate."

Especially in a modern world like today, high schools and environments where pressure and societal norms are prominent can take a toll on a young teenager who may not know how to cope with stress; it is only a breeding ground for depression that can and will only worsen without any attention or help. As teens go through immense amounts of stress, whether it be about home environments, stress from peers, school, friends, or relationships, these are not things that should remain hidden in the heads of students. None will ever know that perhaps one day one emotionally unstable teen will find that there is no other way to cope with their stress than suicide, and this is something that should be addressed across the country, even if it starts small, in NYC.

If the DOE can take the time over the years to attempt to institute a more reliable and professional means of coping mechanisms for students unable to withstand stress, many lives can be saved, and the hundreds of lives lost to suicide in America can be lowered. Along with this, other states can potentially follow in line with, at the very least, providing a better means of help if school associated therapists are not an option in their school.