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Respected beloved


We the young doctors writing this letter with regard to our government’s order to increase the term of serving central government doctors from 60-65 years of age. This decision will have an adverse impact on the job prospects of young budding probable officers of the future especially at the entry level and promotion chances for most doctors who have worked up their way along the ladder. The shortage of efficient doctors would further be obviated with the exponential growth of population in the coming years .

Statistically speaking too, this decision has its disadvantage, about 1445 doctors, aged between 60-65 years would be benefitted due to this order, with their average salary being 3.5 lakhs per month. This means the government would need to spend an extra 50 crores every month approximately. This money could be put to better use by recruiting 6000 junior doctors using the same money.For the next 5 years, government will have to spend an approximate amount of 2600 crores on 1445 senior doctors approximately who would definitely lack the zeal and endeavour to work excess hours at the prime time of their seniority as compared to a young freshly recruited officer building his career who will be willing to go that extra mile . This figure surely seems small when compared to the other budget allocations, but this is the price that young junior doctors have to pay in Indian healthcare, doctors who still want to stay back in India and work for the betterment of the community and country. We Indians have placed our trust in our government when you have said that new jobs will be created along the five year tenure of governance, but your actions are cutting short the already available jobs to benefit a few seniors who would be alright either way and it adversely impacts the entire population of young doctors and the patients covered. This same amount could be used to provide employments for doctors approximately 6000. Since the projection on employment for youth in the coming decade showing us a negative scale, this decision of the government would only add to the misery of your election promise of creating new jobs.

By this the youth doctors of India will fly abroad to greener pastures making our motherland a country which can provide healthcare only to the rich and leaving majority of our population in middle and lower socioeconomic strata to rot to their fate,

So we respectfully ask you to kindly consider our proposal and kindly look into this issue before it gets forgotten in your busy schedule. We hope you would consider the dreams of lakhs of young doctors of INDIA, a dream, which by all means is to serve the nation and help building a robust healthcare system in INDIA on par with international standards at affordable costs in the government setup.

Kindly try to preserve what remains of our holy motherland India. It's more than a landmass to us, it's in our very own blood and flesh and means everything to us. We are still a developing nation 71 years after independence, kindly help us to progress it further. As you keep promoting Make In India, we request you not to take the stand of Break In India when it comes to attitude towards us doctors, prevent brain drain. The doctor community here is still trusting and respecting you always.

Jai India.Jai Hind.
Yours sincerely
 Young Indian Doctors