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Find a cure for CFS!!

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I'm signing because I have CFS..
The number of time I have had to explain what it is and that it is not a illness that happens because you are tired... because you are over worked... was exhausting in itself.
the name in itself cause a real problem... "chronic fatigue syndrome" it is that and so much more!!

 So, you’re tired? Everybody is tired, and besides, being tired won’t kill you.

Both of these assumptions are wrong. Chronic fatigue syndrome does not make people tired. It is a neurological illness that produces inflammation in the brain. The inflammation is the result of an immune system dysfunction that leaves people unable to control latent viruses. (There are eight different Virus that live dormant in our bodies) Meaning our immune system is attacking itself with these viruses every single day!

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a auto immune disease. Once our immune system are dysfunctioning, they interfere with energy production at the cellular level.

The reduction in cellular energy causes mayhem in the body. Your heart can’t function normally, so blood flow is decreased. Lower blood flow leads to orthostatic intolerance – the inability to stand up.

Reduced blood flow also means you can’t think properly. Students who contract the illness have to drop out of school. Adults lose their jobs.

As heart and brain function decline, people with the illness can’t perform any kind of physical or mental exertion without getting a lot worse. In severe cases, people can’t even brush their teeth. I have sadly experienced that and it is so frightening.

In some cases, particularly when the nervous system inflammation becomes widespread, the person dies. 

 Before I contracted this illness I lived a full life... I worked full time in my dream job
I was body building going to the gym and boxing and out with my friends dancing the night away! I had an unlimited amount of energy to socialise and see my friends.. I woke up each and every morning singing and dancing to the kitchen to just start my day...and now all the above is taken away from me.
To read endless links about NHS/doctors that think this illness is brought on by emotional stress... this couldn't be further away from the truth!
I was happy and healthy I ate a clean organic diet through dedication to the gym..
It is about time the doctors found out the real reason that cause this illness... how can such a illness exist that no one knows the cause... no one knows a cure. It Is beyond me.
And to ridicule it even more to say it's down to emotional stress when they have already claimed they do not know the reason.

The little money that actually goes in to researching this disease is beyond a joke. 
No one will really know what it is like to have CFS until you unfortunaltly have it.
The fact that any one, any age any race could contact this chronic illness that traps you in you house, your bed.
that robs you of the life you once loved and knew. I am however still hopeful that one day doctors will know more about this dehiblatating disease. Please help us, help yourself by sharing and signing. Thank You

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