Modify NMCact&Save the people.Remove sections 32,15&51 those legalise crosspathy&quackery

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National medical commission act was promulgated  by central govt. As per this act the future of  entire 530 medical colleges and 8lakh modern doctors will be in the hands of 33 nominated members,which is supposed to be administered by elected body of 100 members. Its against democratic,federal and autonomous spirit of the nation! As per section 32,it legalises 6month bridge courses for nurses and ayush persons to be recruited as modern doctors those will serve rural people instead of MBBS doctors. its a blatant discrimination of rural indians in getting  quality care. as per sections 50&51,AYUSH  curriculum will include modern medicine and modern medicine syllabus includes ayush sylabus making health care as crosspathy care. as per sections 15;10-1,medical students has to write two exams to get registration& to do practise instead of one exam as per existing norm. As per sections 28-7 &29-3quality of medical education will be compromised. As per sections 10-D&F and 46,autonomy of the states will be compromised which is against federal spirit of the nation.