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Migraine research

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Migraines are a problem which 15% of people suffer with in the United Kingdom, which is nearly 6 million people nationwide. Their are a lot of misconceptions revolving migraines, people tend to believe they are just bad headaches, which is far from the case. Until you experience yourself or loved ones unable to move, speak, open their eyes or generally make productive use out of their day, it is hard to comprehend how much migraines actually effect people. There are currently no known causes or no known treatment. People can suffer from migraines once a month or even every single day. It is a problem of which is lacking in not only research but compassion.

I'm using this petition to provoke a response from parliament to fund the research of migraines. Not only that, but I'd like to end the stigma that migraines are just headaches and are actually immobilising.

I think on behalf of everyone who suffers or knows someone who suffers migraines, signing this petition would be massively beneficial and appreciated.

I've linked some websites below which give you a bit more information about migraines.

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