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Stop marketing products to rabbits that are unsafe.

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Doctors Foster and Smith markets itself as a reputable vet run company. Unfortunately their products are not safe and when I contacted them about this, their response was far from satisfactory. Even after sending them several links explaining why their products were bad I was told that they would never sell products that were harmful.

A small sampling of the dangerous products:
Kaytee Fiesta Max Rabbit Diet:
Kaytee Rabbit Berry Yogurt Treats:

There are more products that are not rabbit friendly: cages that are too small, more sugary treats, food with seeds, etc.

Why are these products dangerous?
Rabbits are herbivores and in the wild their primary diet is plant based. Their digestive systems are not equipped to process seeds properly and can cause GI stasis, obesity, and other medical problems. Yogurt treats are high in sugar and calcium, which cause obesity and can also lead to kidney stones and bladder sludge.

For more detailed articles describing the dangers of these and other products please visit:

If you write to Doctors Foster and Smith, they will most likely tell you that they have never heard reports of harm caused by their products. This is not because there is no harm, but because the people who know what these products can do, don't purchase them. This means that a large number of people who buy this product are inexperienced and if their rabbit dies it is unlikely they will make a connection between their rabbit's pellets and his death.
I have three rabbits, all adopted from a shelter, one of my rabbits (Paige) came from a very neglectful home. She and her sister were kept in tiny cages and fed vegetables and improper pellets. When they were finally rescued their bones were so fragile that Paige's sister broke her back and died a horrific death, scared and never knowing love. Paige is now spayed, happily bonded to another rabbit, she lives in a x-pen, and is allowed free roam of the house most of the day. She was lucky, but there are many rabbits who never get that chance.

If we refuse to purchase from companies that sell these products and tell them why this is wrong we can change something. Doctors Foster and Smith do not have to listen to one person, but if enough people stand up then they have to listen. Please sign this petition and let your voice be heard.

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