Allow sonography machines to walk in India.

Allow sonography machines to walk in India.

7 September 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Manju Rathi

Allow sonography machines to walk in India.

Why sonography machines don’t walk in India ?

Why they are jailed in one room?

why the most useful small portable machines banned?


Sonography use is unlimited and in developing country like India where resources are limited,we need small portable machines at bedside , in operation theatre, labour room,ICU etc for better diagnosis and treatment .But just because of it’s use for pregnant women,False thinking of sex determination by everyone ,it’s existence is banned and it became extinct. But ultimately who is the sufferer, THE POOR PATIENT. And health care profession becomes the victim as it is blamed for greedy practices alleging that usg is used for sex determination only and earning money through such practice .But really is it so?

Think India,Think?

The second part of story of USG machines:

USG machines are governed by PCPNDT ACT:

What are the proposed guidelines under this act:

1) In India,before doing usg on pregnant lady , her ID proof is necessary and many times this is not possible in emergency cases as lady in agony or with emergency may forget to carry ID and in such situations a doctor becomes helpless as he is bound by authorities not to do sonography without ID proof .

But, in act it is not written but according to guidelines ,it is mandatory.But as a fundamental right of woman ,doctors can’t deny her for Usg but doctors are helpless under Appropriate Authorities pressure . Is it not the violation of FR of woman?

What is important at this agony time?ID proof or USG test and quality treatment?

Think India,Think

2) submission of “F”form online along with offline mode by hand is compulsory here . so sending one person to cmho office away from town to district place every month just for this job is really worth and feasible to all?How much expensive it is? But health care providers are doing this under pressure.

By post or courier service why they won’t accept ?why?

Our PM transforming India to digital India and in such era we are wasting lots of tonnes paper on this useless offline submission of

“F” form job .That May create tons of garbage afterwards.

Shall we know the importance of trees? we are doing online f form filling then why same thing to be repeated and done twice? Giving information once is not enough?

I don’t understand the logic behind this.

Think India,Think.

3) Why this Pcpndt act governs all these Poor USG machines ?

Is USG meant for sex determination of fetus only?and not for other indications.Is it true?

What you all Think?

Data shows no much change in sex ratio.Then why these most useful small Usg machines banned?

And why sonography machines don’t walk in India?,

There are so many reasons for low %of females in India like poor care,predominant male community,customs,poor health care services,neglected female child or neglected women health ,dowry system,less representation of women in all sectors,lack of opportunities for higher education to all,shortages of jobs for female grounds and so on and so forth.But adnimistrators are blaming the poor usg. Usg is meant for many purposes and sticking it in one room by GPRS and tracker , are we not limiting it’s use in modern medicine?

Do you know how the doctors precious time is wasted on such paper work and on unnecessary activities besides treating patients who are doing this unnecessary clerical work under this act.

Think India,Think.

Our Hon’ble PM and concerned authorities please have a small attention on this issue ,

“ why sonography machines don’t walk in India?”Why they are jailed?

Dr Manju Rathi





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Signatures: 39Next Goal: 50
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