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Doctor's Democratic rights to choose their representatives been taken away by NCISM bill

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NITI Aayog,
H and FW division,
Parliament Street,
New Delhi.,

Respected sir,

NITI Aayog, a constitutional body of the Government of India proposes new bill NCISM (National Commission for Indian Systems of Indian Medicine) and has sought public opinion on the draft NCISM Bill 2017.

I strongly oppose this new NCISM bill, as I don't think there is any need to replace present statutory provisions of IMCC act 1970. At present, Indian Medicine Central Council ( IMCC) Act 1970 and central statutory body (CCIM) are in existence for the regulation and control of rights of ISM graduates, IMCC Act 1970 with timely amendments is already a milestone act which has been a roadmap design for many years. With this new bill,such a growth and development going on, that in the field of AYURVED,UNANI,SIDDHA ,SOWA RIGPA with its own holistic approach, modern advances and techniques will be stop and we,... even including myself as a practitioners, teachers, researchers and students will go back 50~60 years back.


Behind it are as below

1. Present IMCC ACT 1970 gives us a DEMOCRATIC rights, as new bill is going autocratic (bureaucratic) way. And DEMOCRACY is a fundamental right of each and every individual of this country. If government wants to include any special educated and stalwarts of the field, at present also they can nominate. So there is no need of 100 percent selection/ nomination, which gives me feeling of autocracy.

2. In new draft background, there is no specific and substantial reason given against CCIM to stop its functioning, only generalized statement and allegation regarding corruption and mushrooming of colleges. But I don't believe that bureaucratic and nominated structure will change the scenario of corruption. Vice a versa if government wants to stop mushrooming of colleges, it can be stop easily because as per IMCC act 1970, CCIM is the body to recommend or not to recommend the colleges. Government itself gives the permissions to colleges and before that it was come to CCIM through state university and State government NOC. They can also stop so called mushrooming of colleges. So for that new Bill should not be an alternative.

3. Entry 6 of List II (State list) of the Seventh Schedule deals with Public Health and States are empowered to implement health policy. It is therefore, I suggest you to make provision to provide statutory rights to those states where they can declare particular persons or fit to use modern medicines and those states should be given freedom to do so local surroundings, population and requirements. The proposed provisions of NCISM BILL 2017 lacks this provision and there will be grave harm and damage to public at large and the health care system in particular will be collapsed as these ISM doctors are the mainstream health services. I and my colleagues of various states fighting for many years to get present rights of practice. Now we don't want to start it from ZERO again.

4. Worldwide YOGA, and NATUROPATHY are considered as Alternative system of medicine or well-being. In new bill those are included as equal or a parallel to Ayurved , Siddha and Unani. Though Yoga and naturopathy is ancient and great science those should not be considered as streamline systems of ISM .It is necessary to have separate commission for Yoga and Naturopathy. Their separate existence can be considered but not with Ayurved,Unani or Siddha systems of medicine

5. As compare to NMC or NCH, In NCISM , there is no separate board for UG and PG .This is really shocking. And criteria for Nomination of chairman and other is also less as compared to other bills. This gives us feeling that all script is written for specific star cast only.

6. Last and very important, our Honorable Prime Minister NARENDRA MODIJI declared a separate Ministry for strengthening the AYUSH faculty. And which is doing better job since its inception. With forming a new commission it shows distrust on his views and mission. One should give motivation to AYUSH ministry , but this bill does not reflect it.

7. As per present syllabus, MSR, we are able to study and practice with integrated way to strengthen the ISM system with modern advances which is not reflect in new bill.

Thus I humbly request to consider these suggestions to help strive for a healthier society.

Thanking you,


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