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I am a student that is currently attending Skyline Highschool in Dallas, Texas. Lately, my principal has been extremely strict with the rules, but it's completely understandble in light of recent events. Now she plans to return uniform policy a year after she took it away. As a student myself, I find this unjust. She is punishing the student body for what individuals did. We as students should not be accountable for actions that we did not commit ourselves, and yet she has decided that this is a fair punishment. My class as well as other former classes have fought to keep Skyline uniform free, and we have won that battle only for it to be taken away a year later due to someone else's actions. My proposition is for Skyline to enforce badges and thoroughly check backpacks and other containers for concealed weapons and other dangerous objects. Our school Should require us to wear our badges from the moment we walk in until we leave the premises, this would ensure that no one who doesn't belong on school grounds would enter. If monitors were to check every pocket of a backpack or a container then we wouldn't have a problem with weapons or other objects being snuck inside, from my experience most monitors just take a peek and let you inside. I have spoken with some of my peers and they have said that they would be perfectly fine with wearing a badge all day and having their bag thoroughly checked, if it meant no uniform. It is vital that we as young adults should be able to express our individuality through many means. Wearing clothing that we feel comfortable in is a physical form of individual expression. I strongly believe that this is a liberty that should not be taken away.

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