Expungement Reform . A fresh start for non-violent felony offenders.

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Having a felony record has many consequences. Among the most challenging is of these is the difficulty it creates for those so affected to find work and provide for themselves and/or a family, regardless of how long it's been or who they might be today.  My name is Doc Holladay and I know this from experience.  Eleven years ago, I struggled greatly with addiction and made choices which eventually led to a record which carried multiple drug-related felonies. I lost everything. I went from being an eye doctor to a guy working at a Wendy's drive through and mowing yards. Through the miracle of change and the recovery process, I've been extremely fortunate to have it all back, but even so I still struggle with the effects of having these felonies on my record.  I fully realize that many are not as fortunate as I have been, and am determined to use my story to bring about a change that could help, literally, tens of thousands of people and their families.  We need legislation that would enable people with non-violent felonies to eventually wipe them off their record, providing certain conditions are met etc. Personally, I think if you pay your dues, go 10 years without any other problems, and demonstrate appropriate responsibility and desire to be a productive, contributing member of society, that should be enough. There are a lot of good people out there who have made mistakes (many times when they were young), have paid for them and learned from the experience,  but who are struggling to survive. They want to work and live a normal life, but they can't because they have to check a box on a job application. This struggle with finding a job and making a living is undeniably a huge contributing factor to the nearly 50% recidivism rates we see here in Tennessee.     

If you are struggling with this issue, or have a friend or family member who is affected, please sign this petition and SHARE it.  I have no doubt we can reach 100,000 signatures with an issue like this that affects such a large number of people.  Expungement reform can happen, and with your help, it WILL happen!