To Keep Handy Andy Car Wash in Dobbies Reading

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Hi to all of you and thank you for taking your time to read my petition. As most of you are aware, I run the Handy Andy Car Wash in Dobbies Garden Centre in Shinfield. Now i have received a very bad news that Dobbies dont want to extend my lease. My business lease was 5years+ 5years option to extend so now the first 5 years are up, they have told me that they will not extend the lease for another 5 years. Also as i have been given such a short notice which means the chances of me finding another site locally are zero. As most of you are aware this is my only income. Im asking for a petition so i could send it to Dobbies Head Office and see if we can come to agreement for me to still operate here, with all you help i am sure we can achieve that aim. Also if they do close me down, me and all my employers will be out of work. You all know how hard me and my employers have worked in my business and i have treated everyone fairly and did our best to meet customers standards. I would be very greatful if you could sign this petition and share it with you friends and family and help me and my business to still operate at Dobbies Garden Centre and not be out of work.

Thank you