Evacuation of the IITG campus could be potentially more dangerous

Evacuation of the IITG campus could be potentially more dangerous

15 March 2020
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DoAA IIT Guwahati
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Why this petition matters

Started by Anonymous Student

As stated in the attached photo of a mail by the DoAA, students are being asked to vacate the campus on a short notice of 3 days due the risk of COVID-19.

Here are some of the reasons this petition is against the decision:

1. The prices of flights and trains have sky rocketed for the next 3-4 days. Moreover some of the flights and train have already been fully booked.

2. While traveling, students would be more at risk of catching the virus.

3. And finally while coming back to the campus it is very likely some students could get infected and spread the virus further more.


Alternative solution to the problem:

1. Students who are not residing in campus currently, could be asked to stay where they are and not enter the campus till further notice.

2. Students who are in campus should be asked to stay in the hostels and get checked up for the virus so it could be identified and the spread could be tracked down. (Anyway a checkup has to be arranged, if not now, then later when everyone comes back. So the luxury of not spending money for the checkups is not present)

3. People who want to leave the campus could be allowed to and there whereabouts could be noted. So when they come back to the campus they could be checked immediately.


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Signatures: 7Next Goal: 10
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Decision Makers

  • DoAA IIT Guwahati