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This gracious freestanding Federation residence, and superb example of our Randwick history is now under very real threat of demolition and development into three story units with basement parking.

Please help preserve this beautiful historic residence as well as the whole area surrounding it. Glebe Street is iconic in Randwick and renown for its beautiful heritage residences. We must protect it from demolition. We must band together to preserve this worthy heritage residence and have it heritage listed.

Why Randwick has lost much of its heritage so far
In the past, heritage protections in the Randwick area have not kept pace with burgeoning developer demand for opportunities in the area, resulting in properties that should have been given heritage status being lost to high density apartments. The area has lost, and continues to lose, many gracious Federation and Inter-War homes on large blocks to bland, cookie cutter apartment blocks. We are losing not only our local history and heritage, but set-backs, gardens, established foliage and the beauty of our streetscapes are diminished in the process.

Note the gaping hole that used to be a gracious mansion at 48 Dudley Street, Coogee. Despite community outrage, if properties aren’t appropriately protected for their heritage status there is little that can be done to prevent developers destroying these buildings by fast tracking demolitions under the process of gaining a Complying Development Certificate (CDC).

How to protect these buildings from the developers’ bulldozer now
It is crucial to get Council to immediately move to protect the Heritage status of these properties as this will mean that the property cannot be demolished under a CDC.

We are requesting that Council do an updated review of the Heritage status of buildings in the area in 2019 so that this situation can be avoided - buyers will then be aware prior to sale. This will prevent properties being slated for demolition by developers.

Glebe Street Randwick – the jewel in the crown of our heritage
30-32 Glebe Street, Randwick and the Glebe Street area is home to many beautifully preserved examples of our early history. It would destroy the aesthetic continuum and harmony of the street and so will be a sad indictment on our local planning processes if this property, along with all the other heritage properties, is lost.

Get involved! Here is how you can help
To protect 30-32 Glebe Street, we all need to submit objections directly to the Randwick Local Planning Council requesting they immediately act to protect this building from demolition.

Ask them to preserve this gracious heritage home, and integral part of this beautiful heritage street. Request the immediate Heritage Listing of 30-32 Glebe Street, Randwick, and to include protection of all the beautiful historic buildings in Glebe Street, Randwick.

Act now before beautiful historic Glebe Street Randwick is turned into a concrete jungle. Your voice can make a real difference!

Sign now and follow these steps:

1. Lodge your objection. Go to the link below on the Randwick City Council website:

Then click on the ‘Make A Submission’ tab to lodge your objection.

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With thanks, Randwick Heritage Action Group

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!