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Do You Feel Ashamed to be British?: Get The Government Out.

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We are living in a dictatorship without realising it until it's too late.
The government are allowing us to be used like lab rates by the NHS - for more please visit They have packaged up the Social Services so if you don't ask you don't get but they'll make sure you don't know what you're entitled to ask for.
Since leaving hospital last year I have been treated like a criminal and an idiot. I believe the Social Services trying not to give you anything for as long as they can in the hope they you will die before they have to pay anything out.
I have written complaint after complaint and I have been called abusive and aggressive. Not one person has been taken to account and no action have been taken.
I have been told that accountability is something that the Government don't do anymore and they can now just simply fling your complaint in the bin with no fear of reprisal.
My daughter and I moved into a rental property less than 3 months ago after being kicked out of our previous home for no other reason than the Landlord wanted us to go. We are now being kicked out of this house when the six month tenancy is up because we asked the Landlord to move the rubbish out of the back garden which was dangerous to my 4 year old granddaughter.
The Government treat everyone on benefits with the same brush - as if you have committed benefit fraud. All I did was to get sick. They have cut disability benefits, sickness benefits and housing benefits and now they have give MP's a £10,000 pay rise.
They make the rich richer by giving all the people with money the power and giving working class people nothing.
Is this really a Country to be proud of?
I'm not Proud to be British - I disgusted!
What we CAN do :-
'We don't have the power to force a 'No' vote. Only a general strike or mass demonstrations can force to government to call an election. Because there is over 4 years to the next election your MP is not threatened (a bit outdated now which we can threaten the Government more easily) - he will not be fighting for his seat at this stage.
MPs in parliament can have a confidence vote - BUT, Cameron has changed the rules making it much harder to do so.'

'The British people are too tolerant and apathetic.' I think it's about time we weren't. Although I have received messages from USA saying they are being treated in the same manner as us. Maybe we should all unite?

'We have just gone through the greatest / worse time in regard to corruption and greed and unfairness against the ordinary person yet the people do nothing. The students demonstrated - yet all you heard about was some yob throwing a fire extinguisher from a roof - there are thousands of worse crimes every day, the offenders do not go to prison because the MPs are not affected by them.
But basically if you think by either spoiling your ballot paper or by staying in bed instead of bothering to turn up to the polling station in a UK Election you are thereby conveying some kind of message to David Cameron that you do not support him, I am afraid that message will never be adequately noted by anybody or cared about. If on the other hand huge numbers turn up and vote for a party like and make them all start listening to the people in future.'

Make your own mind up what to do. If you want someone to join your rally then please count me in. I'll be voting UKIP next election :-)

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