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Do the right thing for New Hampshire. Reinstate Rick Gerrish so he can continue the good work he has already begun.

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If you are not aware the last couple of months have been very unfortunate because of a change in NHLC RSA 176:8 Division Directors in September of 2013.Prior to the above change in RSA 176:8 The three (3) Unclassified Division Directors worked at the pleasure of the Commission with no terms.  The new RSA states that an Unclassified Division Director will now have terms and be recommended by the NHLC and confirmed by Governor & Council.  In order to comply with the new RSA 176:8 the Chairman has recommended Richard Gerrish to continue to be the Division Director of Marketing, and it has been very unfortunate  that Rick has still not been confirmed  by G & C as his appointment continues to be “tabled” due to Executive Councilors potentially receiving information that is not accurate.

While you may think that being a state employee is a cushy job with great benefits - it really isn't that way anymore. Staff have had to cope with decling staff, declining benefits, overburdening of paperwork, no increases in wages and more and more work loaded on them every year. While in any organization there are always a few bad apples, most of the staff are here to get a job done and do it the best way they can with limited resources for the benefit of NH's citizens and visitors.

Rick Gerrish is a hard working, long time state employee who started at the liquor stores and diligently worked his way to his current position as director of marketing over a 38 year span. His indepth knowledge, expertise and insight into how stores and marketing work together are invaluable to maintaining the cohesive efforts required of the state liquor business.

Dismissing his appointment is an improper way to handle any situation without complete due diligence beign performed. As  a  Citizen  of  NH  it  is  imperative  that  our  Division  Director  of  Marketing,Merchandising, and Warehousing continues to be Richard Gerrish.  It is imperative thatthe NHLC has a strong Leader to continue to lead the NHLC forward.  As you all areaware, Rick is responsible in performing a number of essential tasks for the Commission andfor all activities related to conceptualizing and implementing market strategy and achievingmarketing targets in order to maximize profitability of all segments of the Liquor and WineRetail, Wholesale, and Distribution Operations in the State of New Hampshire.  This positionalso requires an individual who possesses a unique combination of experience which is basedon knowledge, skills, and abilities.  It  is  clearly  evident  that  Rick  possesses  the  necessary  skills  and  qualifications  that  areessential  to  the Director,  Division  of  Marketing,  Merchandising,  and Warehousing as  hisaction  speak  louder  than  words.   Furthermore,  Rick  has  been  with  the  State  of  NewHampshire Liquor Commission since September 17, 1976 whereas he began his career as aStore Laborer and promoted on through the following positions: Retail Store Clerk; RetailStore Manager; Retail Store Supervisor; Beverage Marketing Specialist to his present role asthe Director, Division of Marketing, Merchandising and Warehousing which he was initiallyappointed to on February 8, 2012.  Since Rick is the present Division Director of this positionit is evident that his invaluable experience and knowledge for over thirty-eight (38) years hasmade him an exceptional  and invaluable  employee.  Based upon Rick’s  past and presentcommitment to the State of NH Liquor Commission he is an employee who has not onlyearned but  deserves  to be recognized and built  up for his  accomplishments  not  knockeddown.Consider what Market Basket employees achieved in 6 weeks and how they stood by their leaders.

Please take the time to call or send a thoughtful, respectful email to the council members listed and help them to understand that a timely re-appointment is the positive thing to do for the state. It is iimperative that we support a man who has always supported us.

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