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Do something to make a difference in OCD - #beawaretocare

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OCD is a trivialised subject where some people forget or aren't aware that it is a serious mental illness. It hits people where it hurts - imagine having the thought of losing a loved one so much so, you feel you have to carry out a certain compulsion to prevent it from happening... whether it be tapping a table 7 times or even counting from 1-20, 3 times over.  Or, imagine not being able to get rid of an intrusive and unwanted thought about a loved one, so it builds up and gets stronger and stronger that you're so scared you may act upon it and you'll do anything to prevent it. Or, imagine being so afraid that if you touch someone, you feel you will contract a "negative" trait from them. Or, being so scared that you may harm your newborn child that you have to constantly sterilise baby bottles, constantly check that your baby is breathing, constantly make ALL sharp objects hidden in the house to prevent them from harming the baby. There are so many ways in which OCD can get people - mild or severe - that makes the sufferer so anxious and causes them distress.  Spreading the word about people's stories and OCD's true meaning can help gain a better understanding about OCD and help raise its awareness.

Read people's stories and experiences and then, ask yourself if you knew what OCD really is. 

You can do something to make a difference in OCD by just signing this petition. #beawaretocare 


please take part in this survey to help us research more about OCD. You can win one of four £25 Amazon vouchers! No mental health problems needed to take part:


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