Email Suella Braverman & Rishi Sunak to Stop the Extradition of Assange

Email Suella Braverman & Rishi Sunak to Stop the Extradition of Assange

18 March 2020
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Suella Braverman (Home Secretary, UK Home Office) and
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Why this petition matters

Dear Prime Minister Rishi Sunak,
Dear Home Secretary Suella Braverman,
Dear UK Home Office,

If extradited to the United States, Julian Assange, father of his 2 young British children, would face a sentence of 175 years in prison merely for receiving and publishing truthful information that revealed US war crimes.

UK Judge Vanessa Baraitser previously ruled "it would be oppressive to extradite him to the United States of America".

All major free speech and human rights organizations including Amnesty, Reporters Without Borders, National Union of Journalists, Big Brother Watch and many more oppose his extradition which they say is a 'threat to press freedom around the globe'.

PEN International, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and 14 other press freedom, free expression, and journalists' organisations have sent an open letter to new UK Home Secretary to intervene in the US government's request to extradite Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange. The group asks the Hon Home Secretary "to seize this opportunity as a matter of urgency and ensure that the UK government acts in the interest of journalism and press freedom and does not enable the US government to continue to pursue this more than decade-old, politically motivated case."

Amnesty International states that “Were Julian Assange to be extradited or subjected to any other transfer to the USA, Britain would be in breach of its obligations under international law.”

Human Rights Watch published an article saying, “The only thing standing between an Assange prosecution and a major threat to global media freedom is Britain. It is urgent that it defend the principles at risk.”

The NUJ has stated that the “US charges against Assange pose a huge threat, one that could criminalise the critical work of investigative journalists & their ability to protect their sources”.

Julian will not survive extradition to the United States.

The UK is required under its international obligations to stop the extradition. Article 4 of the UK-US extradition treaty must be enforced, which prohibits extradition for political offences

The decision to either Free Assange or send him to his death now solely rests with with you. Do not send Julian to the country that conspired to murder him in London.

You can, and you must save Julian Assange's life.

Yours sincerely,


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Signatures: 93,034Next Goal: 150,000
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