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The late Mrs. Annie R. Wilson was a domestic worker who lived in poverty. She suffered from heart disease and diabetes. Mrs. Wilson also did not have health insurance and more than likely would not have been able to obtain it because of her poverty-stricken circumstances as well as pre-existing health conditions. She lived in Columbus County, North Carolina, one of the poorest counties in the state. It has also been ranked as the unhealthiest of North Carolina's 100 counties for the past several years. In late 2004, she had a massive heart attack. While recovering at the Medical University of South Carolina, she fell from her bed in the intensive care unit. The fall resulted into her lapsing into a coma. She passed away on December 29, 2004. Now, the Columbus County Clerk of Superior Court, Sheila Pridgen, wishes to sell Mrs. Wilson's very small estate to pay medical debts. Mrs. Wilson's creditors would only get pennies on the dollar as her medical debt by far exceeds the value of her estate. Mrs. Wilson's family also believes that the estate should not be sold because she fell from her bed in the hospital. Had she not fallen from the bed, she would have never lapsed into a coma and would perhaps be still alive today.

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President, McLeod Health Robert Colones
North Carolina Governor
President of the United States
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North Carolina State Senate
North Carolina State House
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives
President, Medical University of South Carolina Raymond Greenberg
Columbus County, North Carolina Clerk of Superior Court Sheila Pridgen
The North Carolina Court System
Mrs. Wilson lived in poverty and was uninsured. Forgive her medical debt. If Mrs. Wilson had been able to pay for medical treatment, she would have. Show some compassion for the late Mrs. Wilson and her family. Forgive her medical debt and do not sell her estate. Selling her estate would only net pennies on the dollar as her estate was very small.

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