Do NOT Reopen Chicago Public Schools Until Educators are Vaccinated

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We all wish we could re-open Chicago Public Schools, but it is simply not possible right now. 

Covid-19 cases have nearly doubled for locations that have re-opened. Source:

With vaccines being distributed, it is vital that reopening remain halted for Chicago Public Schools until all educators and students are vaccinated. 

We cannot put educators, students and parents in danger during this deadly pandemic. If we want hope of this pandemic grasping control in the long run, remote learning must continue. The decision to reopen goes against all scientific evidence. 

We all feel the pain of the setback this pandemic has caused, but even movie theaters have not let the public in. Students cannot be expected to re-attend in such a strict setting. They are better off in a remote setting where they, their parents and their teachers are safe until this pandemic is controlled, otherwise this issue will be prolonged. 

Illinois did an excellent job keeping numbers down at the start of the pandemic. There is a new strain going around. Lori Lightfoot, protect families and educators by telling CPS to continue remote learning!