Do not promote the term ``British Muslim``

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``British Muslim`` the term trending in UK for quite a long time. A British citizen is always a British irrespective of race,color,religion or sect. Using the term ``British Muslim`` by the media is derogatory, defamatory and discriminatory. The term itself indicates racism. Connecting one´s identity with faith system is not acceptable. Utilization of the term by the media after every mishap intensifies anti Muslim emotion; single out the community moreover triggers identity crisis among st  young Muslim citizens. It further promotes events like ``Punish a Muslim Day.``

``British Muslim`` why do we need that label? Every British citizen should be encouraged to identify with Britishness and adopt singular ``British`` identity.  In recent times racism against Muslims is more associated with cultural identity being Muslim rather than biological issue like complexion. The perception of not being accepted as a British runs very deep into the Muslim community in Britain. For the community already struggling with xenophobia and Islamophobia,  the terminology like ``British Muslim`` poses more hardship.

In order to encourage solidarity and promote unity. All on and off line media should refrain from labeling any Muslim citizen of the country as a ``British Muslim`` rather prompt support to create awareness towards accepting singular British identity.  



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