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Do Not pass the NC General Assembly Aggressive Breed Dog Bill 956

On April 16th a proposal was made introducing a lengthy and extensive process for owning what they consider to be an "aggressive" breed dog.  This proposal calls for license fees, classes, special permits, increased insurance rates for dog owners, etc...  This not only will make adopting these pets even harder but will result in more being turned in to our local shelters and euthanized.  Not to mention puppy mills will probably increase since it will be harder to adopt these dogs through the proper channels.  They claim that these specific breeds are "prone to attack".  I myself have a Rottweiller and he is the biggest baby ever.  Local children lay all over him and he would never hurt anyone or anything.  This generalization needs to be stopped.  Stop putting the blame on the breed and put it where it belongs, on the owners that dont care for their pets as they should.  They are punishing all these dogs for a select few.  It is not just the larger breeds that will retaliate if scared, provoked or harassed.. ALL animals will...

Letter to
Larry Piittman
Rodney Moore
We are writing to request that the House Bill 956 Regulating ownership of, what you refer to as, Aggressive Breed Dogs not be allowed to pass. This will not only make it alot harder to get these animals adopted out of shelters, it will cause an influx of animals being turned in due to unneccessary restrictions and costs. This in turn will increase the number of these dogs euthanized. This will also probably increase the number of illegal puppy mills in the state. Not all of these animals are aggressive. This is in short...breed bigotry. Any animal, no matter how large or small, has the potential to retaliate for being abused, harassed, scared or provoked. This generalization should not be allowed. Please reconsider the damage this could cause.

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