Do not makeover Mickey &Minnie in TDR

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This is a petition against makeover Mickey&Minnie in Tokyo Disney Resort.

In June 2016, Mickey&Minnie’s “New look” debuted with opening of Shanghai Disneyland.

After that, New look came onstage in Disney parks all over the world.
Then, Tokyo Disney Resort is the only park in the world that we can see Mickey&Minnie having old look.

Finally Mickey&Minnie’s Newlook will appear in Tokyo Disney Resort at Easter event 2019.

Newlook isn’t generally accepted in Japan.
About 80% of Japanese Disney fans take an objection against Newlook.

If Newlook completely come onstage in Tokyo Disney Resort, it means passing of the place we can see Mickey&Minnie having old look.

No one will be able to see Mickey&Minnie having old look again.

This is killing us!!

Some people say that Newlook is also adorable.
But even they admit that Newlook is unfit to express mature and cool charms of Mickey&Minnie.

Old look is really perfect.
It’s not only adorable and familiar but also cool and classy.
It’s suitable to express their charismatic.
It’s perfect appearance for them as super star.

Don’t make a bad choice to lower the power of expression of them.

Mickey&Minnie are always great performers in Tokyo Disney Resort.
They are always principals on high level dance show,swing jazz live performance,cool and manly Japanese style show,and stylish fashion show.

We hope to remain the place that we can see Mickey&Minnie having appearance as super star.

We are against makeover them in Tokyo Disney Resort!!
Please help us to save our Mickey&Minnie.

This petition will be sent to Oriental land Co.Ltd.,Disney attractions Japan Ltd., and the Walt Disney company parks&resorts Ltd.