Canada must step up to assist the children held inhumanely at the USA -Mexico border.

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Children held in cages, without blankets, beds, hygiene products, clean clothes, adequate nourishment -- or even loving adults to care for them -- are suffering every minute of every day at the USA-Mexico border. There is no denying this devastating horror.  The psychological trauma will no doubt be irreversible for those who survive. The cruelty and inhumanity can no longer be witnessed without intervention. Many groups and individuals in the USA are trying to help. The international community should, as well. 

We petition Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau to use his diplomacy skills to demonstrate Canada's moral leadership and nation-wide abhorrence at the merciless conditions imposed on families and children at the US-Mexico border.

If the Trump administration refuses to make drastic and immediate improvements to the conditions based on your appeals,  Canada should accept these families as refugees. The Safe-Third-Country agreement is no longer applicable.