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I would like to tell you a story about the National Junior College Athletic Association governing body and see if you agree.

My son is a golfer and he started playing golf when he was a freshman in high school. He was a good student and also worked really hard on his golf game. He reached a level with his golf game in 3 seasons that he was able to play golf in college. He recieved a scholarship to a NAIA college to play golf but it was not enough to cover all his cost to go to school. Well that NAIA College was costing a lot per year to attend and he was taking out school loans but he was going to be so far in debt by the end of the 4 years he decided to transfer to that local community college if they would have him. He had attended that NAIA College for one and one half years before he decided to transfer. (This would become important when it comes down to the NJCAA). Well we sent out letters and the coach from the local community college gave us a call. This college was close to home, had a good golf program and the coach said he would take him and he would help him out on his tuition cost so he wouldn’t have any debt for that one semester. Well my son was excited and proud that he was able to go to that small college close to home. The coach was happy and everything was going fine until the NJCAA showing its authority got involved and they decided he was not eligible to play because of a rule that has to be interpreted by someone that may not even know what the game is all about. Well these are the rules that came from their own website:

Transfers C.1. General Transfer Provisions

C.1.a. Student-athletes who have been enrolled full-time and attended any college beyond the first 15 calendar days of a term OR who have participated in an athletic contest and at a later date enroll/attend classes at another college are considered transfer student-athletes.

C.1.b. Student-athletes may not participate in the same sport during the same academic year at two different colleges.

C.1.b.i. In the event that the student-athlete’s initial college of participation permanently ceases competition in that sport, the student-athlete is exempt from this rule.

C.1.b.i.a. Documentation of the prior college’s cancellation of the sport must have been filed with the NJCAA National Office.

The one below read carefully!!!!!!!!!

C.1.b.ii. Fall participation in the following NJCAA sports shall not prevent spring participation, provided the student-athlete satisfies all other transfer provisions: baseball, bowling, golf, lacrosse, softball, and tennis.

C.1.c. Grade scale: A transfer student-athlete whose prior college graded with a plus/minus (+/-) scale and transfers to a member college who does not utilize such a system must calculate the student-athlete’s GPA including such pluses and minuses as were recorded on the previous college transcript.

C.1.d. Transcripts: Official college transcripts or copies of official college transcripts from a transfer student-athlete’s prior college must be used. Unofficial transcripts and grade reports are not acceptable for NJCAA eligibility.

C.1.e. Confirmation of Transfer Status: Following transfer all NJCAA member colleges must verify a student-athlete’s transfer status, including, but not limited to, the student-athlete’s seasons of participation. The NJCAA highly recommends using the NJCAA Transfer Tracking Form for all transfer students.

The rule below was the one that kept him from playing!!!!!!!

A.3. Multi-Season Sports: In sports with separate record, split seasons that do not carry over from fall to spring during the academic year, the seasons of participation shall be counted separately for each by sport season.

 Well if you check at the NAIA school he just left they have a fall season and a spring season so I would consider that split due to the fact that the season is not continuous they have 4 months from the last tournament in the fall until the first tournament in the spring. They also have a separate record for the fall and a separate record for the spring.

In the big picture it does not matter anyway. All a student athlete wants to do is to play a sport they love at a school that they want to attend. So the NJCAA has said that my son cannot play because the seasons were not split they carried over from one season to another. I ask you why is the NJCAA using what another college does any way.

If he was making a million dollars playing golf at this community college or giving an unfair advantage to the school that he is attending then I could see it but we are talking about a community college.

It is too late for my son but I need some help to find out how many students have been done unjustly by the NJCAA. I feel that if I can get the rules changed for any student-athlete going forward it will be well worth my time. I am so tired of these governing bodies with their high and mighty jobs telling these poor children that they are not allowed to play a sport over an interpreted rule. I realize they have to have rules and they are made to be followed but they need to make them in black and white so everyone does not have a problem understanding. I had a 30 year golf coach and the athletic director of that school that had some difficulty understanding the multi season sport rule. My goal is to make sure it never happens to another student-athlete at any NJCAA college.


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