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Do not fund or build an SR 710 tunnel or freeway

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A 710 freeway will not solve traffic problems in the San Gabriel Valley!

1. Increased freeway capacity generates increased freeway usage. If we ‘relieve’ traffic in the entire region by bringing it to the San Gabriel Valley, we increase the traffic level here. Metro’s own estimate is an additional volume of 190,000 annual daily traffic trips if this freeway extension is built.

2. There is no benefit to increased traffic volume. Increased traffic volume means increased air congestion, increased pollution, adverse health effects and decreased quality of life. Do you want our driving experience to be like it is on the westside? This tunnel would open at service level “F” from day one.

3. San Gabriel Valley resident will NOT benefit from the 710 completion. A toll to use a 710 tunnel is required because it is so expensive - $5.6 to $14 billion - to build. Most motorists will not pay the estimated $5.64 to $20 toll fees to drive 4.5 miles. Instead they will divert to local residential streets, crawling along at slow speeds and spewing higher levels of pollutants into the local corridor’s air.

4. The better alternative is a comprehensive multi-modal plan - increased light rail service, increased bus rapid transit service, better connections and creating work opportunities closer to home. We deserve a cleaner, healthier, greener community. Our cities do not exist to enable urban freight transport or other people’s commutes.

5. Get involved! Visit the No710freewayextension facebook page and the No 710 Action Committee website for fully referenced facts, the latest news, and how to get involved.

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